Providing Academic, Cultural, and Artistic Opportunities

PDY/PAY Afterschool Program


PDY/PAY 21st CCLC Afterschool Program is a FREE program that provides support services to families of students in grades Kindergarten through 10th Grade. 

We provide academic and social activities for our youth through a unique collaborative partnership with parents, schools and the community.    

Lee County Schools

PDY/PAY targets 300 students within the Lee County School System.  We aim to increase knowledge and skills in the areas of math, reading/language-arts, and literacy, enhance personal development, participation in the arts, leadership skills, and parental and family involvement.

The Program

Our program operates with a strong emphasis on STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.  Not only do we incorporate on-site instruction, we offer innovative and hands-on field trips for students to make real-life connections with their weekly teachings.

Learn More & Enroll

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